ITRA - International Timeshare Refund Action

“Nunca he podido conseguir el intercambio que quería con la compañía de intercambio.”

“Es fácil comprar semanas, pero no tan fácil venderlas. El valor de estas semanas es cero.”

“Cuando firmé no me di cuenta de que era para siempre. Cuando me muera, pasará a mi hijo. No hay manera de salir.”

“Pagamos 5000 libras por nuestra semana y la financiera nos está cobrando una cantidad exorbitante de intereses. Necesito salir de esto cuanto antes.”

500 Britons sue over holiday-home timeshare scheme

Nearly 500 Britons who own holiday homes are going to court today to try to recover millions of pounds in alleged damages in a dispute over the operation of a European timeshare scheme.

A High Court judge in London will hear members of a worldwide timeshare exchange club allege that the bosses of the operator RCI Europe “skimmed off” the best properties by selling them, despite having said that they would make them available for exchange.

According to the claim – which could ultimately affect up to 9,000 British clients of RCI – the timeshare participants were rarely, if ever, able to exchange their right to use one property for an alternative holiday home of the same value in a different location. The membership scheme involved properties around the world.

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