“I have never been able to achieve a successful exchange using my exchange company

“Timeshares are easy to buy, they are not so easy to sell. Timeshares are worthless.”

“I never realised when I signed that it was for perpetuity – forever. If I die the liability goes to my estate. There is no exit policy.

“We paid £5,000 for our timeshare and the finance company has been charging an exorbitant rate of interest, plus the loan is secured on our house, so I really need to get this sorted.”

Owners allege timeshare exchange group was ‘profit skimming’

British holidaymakers have brought the first High Court case against a timeshare exchange company, alleging they were victims of an operation that kept them in the dark and rented out their properties for the company’s profit and as staff incentives.

Four people are seeking compensation from RCI Europe, which operates a worldwide timeshare exchange club. Afurther 483 timeshare owners are part of the legal case and the more than 9,000 members of a UK timeshare action group will be affected by the judgment.

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