“I have never been able to achieve a successful exchange using my exchange company

“Timeshares are easy to buy, they are not so easy to sell. Timeshares are worthless.”

“I never realised when I signed that it was for perpetuity – forever. If I die the liability goes to my estate. There is no exit policy.

“We paid £5,000 for our timeshare and the finance company has been charging an exorbitant rate of interest, plus the loan is secured on our house, so I really need to get this sorted.”

ITRA’s Legal Claims

ITRA has been pursuing the instigation of claims against various players in the timeshare industry.

Most claims are being pursued against resorts, management companies and marketing companies on a 1 to 1 case basis.

In many cases it is possible to claim against a credit card company or a finance company who provided some amount of credit or finance to assist in the timeshare purchase.

Group Litigation

Where there are a large number of claimants against any one particular company, it is possible to instigate a group action whereby a sample of the claimants is presented to the court in order to obtain a group litigation order to represent the whole group.

RCI Action Group – see www.rciactiongroup.com

It is alleged that RCI Europe misappropriated members’ weeks thus reducing the ability of members to obtain their requested exchange.

The RCI Action Group was formed towards the end of 2012 with its own constitution and self-elected committee.

The RCI Action Group is open to all past and present members who have tried to arrange an exchange of their timeshare interest.

There is no cost to register and you will not be asked for any contribution towards legal fees.

In the event of compensation being awarded, all registrants will be entitled to 60% of compensation receivable.

The RCI Action Group is represented by the eminent firm of London solicitors, Messrs. Edwin Coe and Counsel’s opinion is that claims could be as high as £20,000 per claimant.

You feel that you were mis-sold your timeshare

Your maintenance fees have increased above the annual cost of living,
You were told you would be able to hand back your timeshare if not wanted,
That it would be easy to dispose of your timeshare,
That you would be able to exchange your timeshare like for like, season for season,


Timeshare Disposal Service

ITRA, through its network of associated companies, are able to dispose of your timeshare liability.

Most timeshares contracts have no cancellation clause and the annual maintenance fee liability could last for life and on death. The impact on your estate could be in reducing its value until such time as the timeshare holding is cancelled.

This would deplete the value of the estate and the resulting inheritance for the heirs of the deceased.